Plant-Based Wellness


With this opportunity, I am offering another way to not only work with me, but to also take action against one of life's biggest stressors: FINANCES


Here you will be able to build a freedom based business, spread hope, and step into a role of wellness, balance, and leadership. It's for people who like to get to the root of the problem, not just coat the symptoms, and who prefer natural ingredients to copious chemicals. If that sounds like you and you want to build a business aligned with your lifestyle, well, welcome aboard!

This business, which I run alongside my coaching business, has been one of the best things to come into my life. Not only have the products made a world of difference for me, my stress, and my health, but I have also been given an amazing community of friends and supporters.

I can honestly say that without this community, I have no idea where my life would be headed today. All I know is that I would likely still be looking for the "success" part of my story instead of living it.

"If you will live like no one else, later you can live and give like no one else."
- Dave Ramsey
"Geez, McKenna, what is it already?"
I hear you! I'm just really passionate about it, ok?
With this opportunity, you'll be:
  • Sharing high quality plant-based supplements 

  • Supporting and helping teammates and others around you to find their ultimate health, wellness, and success

  • Creating a safe space to share natural health and wellness solutions within your community

  •  Building your own team of hope dealers, goal diggers, and wellness ambassadors

  •  Committing to personal development and getting out of your comfort zone and creating meaningful, positive change in your life. (Don't worry, I'll help!)

  •  Creating a residual income and committing to getting financially abundant and free!



Clean Freedom Program



  • Direct one-on-one coaching with me

  • Weekly support to get your business up and running

  • Access to trainings with TOP earners in the company 



  • Private Facebook community to learn, grow, and earn alongside an authentic group of hardworking, big-dreaming people  


*You read that correctly. It's free.

To access this program and receive my business training will cost you nothing. You simply need to purchase your wholesale membership and welcome pack (which costs less than many bulk store memberships, by the way) to join my team, then this program is all yours. For more information, click here

Worried about having to be salesy? Well stop that, because that's not what we're about. I am a part of one of the TOP teams in this company, and it isn't because we're all marketing experts or sneaky salespeople. In fact, most of us are former schoolteachers, stay-at-home moms, former service industry, or healthcare workers. You know what else that means? Very few of us came into this business with extensive nutritional, physiological, or biochemical knowledge. We're able to succeed and spread the word anyway because the main thing that we do is SHARE.
We share stories of hope. We share stories of success. We share articles that we find. We share tidbits that we learn. We share within the team. We share with friends. We share with family. Heck, we even share with random people on the street if we hear them talk about something we could help with.
Because that's what we do. We help people.
We help people find balance. We help people find health. We help people find financial stability.  
I started this business July 2016 and with it has come an extra income to allow me to follow my dreams, invest in myself, and be able to give more to others.
What would it mean for you to have financial and time freedom? What would it mean to have the secret to balanced health? 
This business isn't about making a 6-figure income (although you can), nor is it about learning how your body interacts with what you consume (although you will)...It is the opportunity to completely transform your life, create an entirely new community, and positively impact the world. 



Ask yourself these questions:


  • Am I interested in natural health and wellness? Especially gut health and internal balance?

  • Am I willing to grow and develop on a personal and professional level?

  • Am I willing to invest time in training and traveling to company conventions with my team?

  • Am I willing to use natural products to balance my body?

  • Am I willing to share life-changing products with those around me?

  • Am I interested in creating a residual income?

  • Am I willing to be a leader and show others what time and financial freedom look like?


Well then let's chat! I would LOVE to work with you!

Yay! I'm so excited to chat with you about creating a financially abundant life!