so, What is

What is Positively Resilient? Well, it's my official way of helping you...both to literally connect with you (I mean, it is my coaching platform), but to also help you see what you are: someone who is absolutely, positively, unbreakable.


Studies have shown that being positive is a healthy trait, and anyone familiar with 'The Secret' or good ol' karma knows that you receive whatever you put out there. So I'm a big advocate, and just naturally disposed, to drop the negativity and see the possibility! Even I have to work at it sometimes, though!

Resilience is actually my most favorite trait. It means that no matter what you go through, no matter what storms tear through your life, or what baggage weighs you down day-in and day-out, you won't break. You'll spring back. It's not often in life that we know how things will turn out...but with resilience, you have the biggest spoiler of them all:


The logo was chosen to portray these two qualities, so it's bright and vibrant, while being cool and soothing. The Celtic inspired theme is partially because I come from a proud Irish background and absolutely had to incorporate it, but also because the Gaelic people are some of the most resilient this world has ever seen. And of course, the phoenix, is the ultimate symbol of starting over after the close of one chapter. 

As a Stress Management Coach, I help you to not only find your own spoilers, but help you get to well as help you write a cheat sheet for the next plot twist. 

I specialize in gut health and I help students and professionals, like you, who feel overwhelmed, maxed out, or run down to manage their stress and reclaim control over their lives.


Together, we look at many aspects of a client’s life to create personalized strategies to last a lifetime. My goal is to help clients become positive about their life and realize that no matter where they are now, or where they’ve been, they are an absolutely resilient being who can create, live, and love whatever future they desire.

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