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Hey y'all! My name is McKenna and I am absolutely overjoyed to be able to share a bit of my story with you! I’m a rather positive person, and I have an incredibly huge passion for helping others.

I've experienced many things in my life, growing up as an only child and 'military brat', moving constantly and being forced to consistently make new friends, discovering that I was actually a highly-extroverted introvert who needed that quiet time away, and always searching for the answer to my favorite question...Why?

As I became more aware of the world around me, and the role I played in it, I found myself overwhelmed and frustrated with a lot of things...

  • Why wasn't my life-plan working?

  • Why did it feel like I was stuck on a career path that just didn't jive with my gut instincts?

  • Why did I keep finding myself in the same toxic situation?

  • Why were people continuously taking advantage of me?

  • Why wasn't I being taken seriously?

  • Why did it seem like there was never enough time to do everything?

  • Why were my dreams and aspirations always on hold?

  • Why did it feel like my purpose was always on hold?

  • Why wasn't I appreciated?

  • Why was the extra work that ran me into the ground never enough?

  • Why was I always exhausted?

  • Why could I make the best of Monday only to be irrevocably aggravated, dissatisfied, and desperate for the rest of the week?

It took quite a lot of work, self-reflection, reading, and professional consulting to get it figured out. 

  • I hired my own health coach

  • I removed toxic people from my life

  • Even before that, I packed my life full of authentic, compassionate, loving people who would remind me of my worth

Of course, others couldn't do the work for me...

  • I got real about admitting what I was really facing

  • I tried to resolve my heavy stuff by myself (after all, I had a TON of knowledge with my health coaching certification and multiple degrees, and there are books for everything!), but I finally got to a point where I admitted that it was not only ok to ask for help, even for me, but that the work would feel less overwhelming if I let someone else paddle too

Now, I've done the hard stuff and come an awfully long way...and I'm here to help you get sorted out too! I'll always be a work in progress, we all are, but I'm personally changing my circumstances, following my passions full-time, and learning that I might not need to know every "why" to feel successful and happy. And you know what? ​


By working with me, my clients and I have been able to:

  • find organizational methods that work for them

  • ease their way into healthier habits

  • regain confidence (not only acting like it, but really having it!)

  • feel lighter

  • sleep better

  • find more time in the day

  • learn how to identify and respond to anxiety triggers (for good!)

  • study more efficiently and effectively

  • improve their skin

  • overcome digestive concerns

  • and so much more!

So, basically...I help them manage their stress.

I know that I can help you envision the life you want to live, enact steps to get there, and then enjoy it! 


I can't WAIT to meet you! Let's get you loving your living too!

In case you're like me and you like to have those extra little nuggets to give you a bit more assuredness...My educational qualifications are as follows:


  • BA Psychology, Minor in Neuroscience from Texas A&M University

  • MS Health Psychology & Neuroscience from The University of Texas, Arlington



  • INHC, Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

  • Reiki Practitioner (Level II), Certified by Briana Brooks

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"All the adversity I've had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me...You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you." - Walt Disney